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Our mantra : Live Naturally Live Younger!!

The all-natural skin and body care line of products at Aarush Naturals started as the brain child and research work of two scientists in medicinal and herbal plants. Dr Anand and Mrs Kumud have been working on extractions from herbs and medicinal plants for over 40 years and studying the characteristics and benefits of herbs plants. While doing several hands on research on various plants they began creating products from herbs for different benefits to skin and body. A simple motto of the team had been to use as much natural cures and products on the body as possible. This nurtured the idea to promote the use of natural skin and body care products to others as well. Their love for plants and nature has kept them deeply engrossed in continuous awareness creation on the benefits of using natural products and educating people about skin care in natural ways - "Give your skin an unadulterated care it deserves" Natural is the safer, healthier and the BEST way to nourish your skin. Our products are completely natural, hand-made with long shelf-life. It is the nature of these products that prevents it from degenerating. The products are preservative and chemical free, made from plant extracts, dried leaves, dried peels, plant oils, or oil extracts.

Our Team

Shalini Bhadury

Shalini, founder of Aarush Naturals. As a child Shalini grew up amidst talks about herbs, plants and lot of greenery with a big nursery at home. Formerly working as a computer engineer, she pursued her sub conscious interest and inclination towards natural products via rooting Aarush Naturals to promote the work done by her parents in India.

Dr. Anand Akhila

Dr Anand Akhila, brain behind the science of Aarush Naturals. Ph.D. from University of London and a herbal scientist from India, has worked in the area of herbs and plants for over 35 years and has published several scientific papers on Neem and other medicinal plants. His research work includes over 100 plants / vegetables and fruits which are useful for human health. Very active speaker, writer and promotor of natural health care.

Mrs Kumud Akhila

Mrs. Kumud Akhila, heart behind the products of Aarush Naturals. M.Sc. in Chemistry, she has been associated with use and preparation products from natural herbs and medicinal plants in different forms for several years. Lady with a green thumb is an active researcher in creating and experimenting various combinations of natural ingredients, growing herbal nurseries and creating the product range.

We belive in God, just we spell it nature

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